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My favorite American football player, Dez Bryant. Wide receiver for my hometown team, the Dallas Cowboys. I remember when I fell in love with him. It was my first football game as an adult. I had been dragged to some as a child. And wasn’t really that interested. lol. Anyway, it was at the new Cowboys stadium, which is SO baller. And I saw #88 do this tackle. It wasn’t just any tackle. He leaped towards whoever had the ball superman style and took him down! I was so blown away I ended up buying his jersey after the game and have been obsessed ever since. lol. He was rookie of the year that year too. Now, he is one of, if not, the best player on my team. Always such a beast on the field. Honestly, if he got traded I would be really upset. The Cowboys don’t win enough anymore. It’s Romo and Jerry Jones fault. Ugh. I will not go into that at this time. I wish we could trade Tony Romo for Tom Brady. I’d love to see Gisele in a Cowboys cheerleader uniform. But then again who wouldn’t? lol

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Happy 24th Birthday, Mo’ Diesel!
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